Used Libraries

  1. Equinox – Well, the OSGi reference implementation. No other good reason really since other candidates where just as good!
  2. Tycho – OSGi + Maven integration. A must.
  3. Guice – It’s our IoC choice. Lightweight, clean, hackable… (Properly) Used with Peaberry and you are on the OSGi path!
  4. GSON – Since we use as the default interchange format JSON this choice seemed inevitable after having used other JSON libraries.
  5. CXF – Not much to say here. The King.
  6. Shiro – Need some protection from our neighbours, dont we?
  7. Eclipse-Link – This is one of the most difficult choices faced. We found this library more predictable than others.
  8. Liquibase – Database Versioning. Aahhhh. It makes life so much easier…
  9. MongoDB – Well, No-Sql IS here to stay.
  10. SOLR – Fast, fast, fast. Reliable, reliable, reliable.
  11. GWT – Did we ever say we hateĀ  Javascript on small-medium-large-huge projects?
  12. Hibernate Validations – we want to ensure valid input!
  13. Cambridge – We wanted a lightweight templating engine which could easily serve different flavours. Cambridge met all these conditions.
  14. MVEL – Beautiful – as it can get – syntax, inevitable choice.
  15. Velocity – A must template engine to have!
  16. LambdaJ – Some functional there won’t hurt…
  17. Mockito – Who doesn’t hate the traditional way of mocking?
  18. Perf4J – Helps identifying possible bottlenecks
  19. SLF4J – Well, it’s become in a short time the defacto standard….
  20. JodaTime – Nice, clean, complete….
  21. Guava – Don’t reinvent the wheel!