OSGi Ready

[open]ing the [source] of [productivity]

I find it quite difficult to classify [ki]DOIT. It is OSGi ready but doesn’t have to be used with OSGi. It is a java framework but it is not only a java framework. It is a full web framework but it doesn’t have to live in the WWW…

What I do know is the main areas we focused on when crafting [ki]DOIT :

  1. Tecnhology issues in software projects are over estimated. Real issues come with your domain model. You should be able to focus on your business!
  2. Prototypes should not be thrown away. They should be fully functional! Then, build on top of them.
  3. Having less code to read makes it more mantainable!

We also tried to keep as far as possible any design patterns guide, booklet or novel. While we value VERY much the Gang of Four’s work, in the end, over engineering is something that should definately be avoided. Don’t get me wrong. You will find over engineering in [ki]DOIT. You’ll probably even find some places when this is showed off. But, as said, it should definately be avoided…

Ok, now let’s take a closer look at: