Functional Stack

  1. [ki]commons: Minimum Common Divisor (almost…). Most of these are used across the whole stack.
    • Configuration: Every application needs some sort of configuration, right?
    • Threading: You don’t want to stick with a single thread, do you?
    • Time: Time is money, they say… We want to make sure we don’t loose money…
    • Parsers: Not everything is machine-readable… let’s narrow the gap!
    • Functional: Who said Java can’t call functions?
    • Simple Plugin Mechanism “The OSGi Way”
  2. [ki]persistence: Don’t repeat yourself. Need some persistence for that…
    • Multiple Out-Of-The-Box Persistence Stores
    • Simple indexing mappings
  3. [ki]security: Good fences make good neighbours. Sometimes… At least it won’t make them worse!
    • Secure your domain
    • Secure your services
    • Secure your URLs
  4. [ki]entities: Take control of your Business Domain. Catalogue your desires!
    • Entity Catalogue
    • Entity Serializers
    • Entity Validations
    • Entity i18n
    • Entity Persistence
    • Entity Indexing
  5. [ki]io: What came first, input or output?
    • Encoding handling
    • File handling
    • Secure file storage
  6. [ki]web: Did we say this framework is to live in the World Wide Web?
    • RESTful
    • Stateless
    • Scalable
    • JSON used as default transport
    • Flexible Templating Engine
    • Extended FIQL as default query language
    • Partial Updates
    • Simple-Download-What-You-Need
  7. [ki]gwt: We must admit our failed passions: Javascript is one of them…
    • Hack, hack, hack